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Giant of the Skies Species Profiles I
I`m not sure if I'm gonna make many more of these, no promises on that, but either way I hope you`ll enjoy these little tie in informational bits for my Updated with Dinosaurs project 
Species : Tropeognathus mesembrinus

Classification : Ornithocheirid pteranodontian pterosaur

Age : 115 to 105 mya

Size : 8 m wingspan

Diet : Piscivore

Range : South America

Bio-Profile : One of the largest known pterosaurs, secondly only to the giant azhdarchids, this ornithocheirid was the king of the skies during the early Cretaceous. It was likely an oportunistic carnivore that soared along the coastlines hunting fish, squid and orher sea food while also scavenging whatever source of protein it came across. One of it's most distinct features was it`s crests with one on the upper and one of the lower jaw, it's upper crest was noticeably larger and more
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Jeune spécimen d'homme moderne uniquement par l'anatomie, préhistorique dans tous les autres aspects. Environ 50% d'ADN néandertalien.

Je m' intéresse à toutes les faunes de toutes les époques, périodes et ères, du Cambrien à nos jours. Le dessin est un de mes passe-temps mais de là à dire que je suis un artiste... hmm...

My Sith apprentice : :iconprimevalguy60: Darth PrimevalGuy60
I have been tagged again, by a marginocephalian this time ! Here are 10 other questions I have to answer !

1. whats your favorite book?
Hard to choose. Apart from paleontology books I read a lot of Star Wars novels and comics. I love the novel Darth Plagueis.

2. whats your favorite movie?
Star Wars Episode III : Revenge of the Sith.

3.whats your favorite dinosaur?
I love the Dromaeosauridae family. Let's say Pyroraptor.

4. whats your favorite pterosaur?
I love you Hatzegopteryx (but please don't make Pod your meal).

5. whats your favorite sword type :3
I love lightsabers (I hope that counts...).

6. who is your favorite historical person?
Alexander the Great.

7. whats the best joke you've ever heard?
I don't remember :(

8. boxers or briefs, or boxer-briefs, or other/no comment?
No comment

9. whats your favorite colour?
Green and red I think.

10. how has your day been?
Busy because of school, and I had to talk in front of the class while I hate that.

That was funny again ! Thanks to all people who tagged me.


48 notifications about Ornithoscelida !
So Dinosauria = Saurischia (Sauropodomorpha + Herrerasauridae) + Ornithoscelida (Ornithischia + Theropoda), until next revision, hmm ?


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